My birthday!

Today I co-opted my friend’s bi-weekly craft night and invited a whole bunch of my friends over to craft with me.
I brought pumpkin ice cream which I had made a head of time; it was my first time making a custard for ice cream. (It came out very creamy!) I brought my ice cream machine and fixings and made cookie dough ice cream: home made cookie dough chunks in a country-style vanilla ice cream. They were both quite a hit and there was enough to go around!
Beyond the ice cream making I didn’t really seem to do much crafting. I helped about 4 different friends on cut-up shirt projects; most will be continued on a future craft night. My friend Lucas made me a custom birthday video in less than 2hrs! You’ll have to go to my facebook page for a link to that. I will, however, shamelessly plug Lucas and his awesomeness: he runs a program that teaches kids how to stop-motion animate.
I also went to my piano lesson. I’m still working on At Last, and The Mexican Hat Dance. I hope to soon be moving on to an Adele song and Tarantella.