oh wow, wordpress

I just got a bright little alert cheerfully telling me I’d made my fourth post, yay!! And it informed me I’ll get another “award” when I’ve reached my next “goal” which is a whopping total of five posts.

Since the next goal is one post away from the first, I just couldn’t help myself. …I’ve apparently been well conditioned by my FitBit,which is really the only appropriate use of this stupid four-square pioneered award-goal system. ah, well, what ever make the internet go round, right?


Happy Holidays!

I’m posting from exotic Portland, Oregon, where I’ve been visiting my family. Last week I found a bicycle on craigslist. For those of you who don’t predate this blog: my original bike fell off the bike rack on the back of a car at highway speeds in the middle of the night and could not be recovered. I am SO happy to have a bike again. My dad dedicated his christmas gift to the bike and outfitted it/me with the brightest lights in the store and two sets of Axle Releases (or is it Releasi?) which will allow me quick-release convenience without switching my hubs/wheels.

My holidays have been packed with catching up with people, job applications, updates to this site, and squeezing in a little Plants-vs-Zombies every now and again. It’s now way past the time everyone else has gone to sleep, so I should be joining them in dream-land! nighty-night!

Pad See-Ew

Tonight I made Pad See-Ew for the first time ever AND it was insanely successful! (Thanks to the recipe and tips from SheSimmers.) I bought extra noodles so I can do it again, cause when I’m hooked on a recipe, once is never enough! Once I’m off my Pad See-Ew kick I’m going to read up on SheSimmers’ Pad Thai recipe (more than three posts long!!) and see if I can finally make pad thai at home that tastes like something more than just fish sauce!

My cooking adventures turned into a productivity kick. I finally got a banner made for this site (see, it’s me up there ^ !) and did some serious investigating of business card options. I ordered free samples from moo.com and perused the pre-existing designs at Moo and Vista Print. Neither had designs I was in love with, so I’ll probably design my own and order from Moo since I’m in love with the finish on their mini-cards. (I’m hoping the samples prove my theory that the finish will be equally delectable on a larger format.)

Before the cooking I made it to yoga class, my piano lesson, did a round of ice&heat on my back injury, tidied up the apartment, and volunteered to take the reigns of serious project to create a national-level blues dance event in Seattle. Yup, I get a gold star for this day being a productive day!