I am a busy person, and I need to accept this.

My last boss used to say “want something done, give it to a busy person.” I guess a part of me just figured I was only busy because I spent 8hrs per day at work. One glance at my schedule will tell you how much that assumption was wrong. Obviously my time has not been filled lately with writing blog posts, but that does not mean I’ve been sedentary in the least.

On the fun and silly end of things, I’ve been an extra (with a line!) in an independent film while also coordinating the dancing-extras, and I’ve posed for a picture that will become a quilt by the infamous Luke Haynes. I can’t wait to see how it comes out.

Of course I’ve kept up with my volunteer work in the blues dance community. I’ve been hosting at least twice a month at two different venues. Keeping the idiosyncrasies of each venue straight is becoming tricky.

I’ve been working with a couple friends to help them with their businesses. One is a dance instructor who just acquired a master-lease on a space, and the other is a newly minted yoga instructor (website still in the works.) So much of this work is the weekly progress report, which ensures work gets done as much as it helps illustrate how much has been accomplished. I also bring focus, organization, goal-setting, marketing and business prowess. And plenty of cheer-leading! I’m finding it very fun and rewarding. Maybe someday I could make this job pay the bills; until then I’m getting dance lessons and yoga classes out of the deal and that’s awesome!

This past weekend I participated in the SocEnt Weekend, which was modeled after start-up weekend. Unlike start-up weekend, this event involved significantly fewer programmers, so less proto-typing was done and more business planning, market research and conceptualizing the proto-type. I learned a ton. Top of the list are “good people management skills are invaluable” and “going back to where you started is not a bad thing.” My brain was so fried after the 50hr weekend, I slept for 12 solid hours. I’m chewing on some of the key things I learned here and it’s likely there will be subsequent posts about it. So look forward to that! 🙂