Hi, I’m Maggie Karshner…

Hi, I’m Maggie Karshner and I’m a behind-the-scenes people lover and strategy-focused thinker.

Being a behind-the-scenes people lover has two facets: I love amplifying my ability to get things done by working with other people, and I love people being excited by getting what they need/want, and I either supported the person who delivered the product/service or I showed them the path. (i.e. direct sales, being a service provider and HR don’t do it for me. I hypothesize this would make me a good fit for a Program Manager type role, maybe? …maybe someday? …if someday, how do I get there?!?!?)

As a strategy-focused thinker, with any task I think “how can this be done better? more efficiently? is this even the right thing to be doing in this circumstance?” This crosses with my people-loving side and provides me with an intuitive sense for what people need to hear and how best to say it. That suits me really well in marketing positions and¬†entrepreneurial settings; I believe this natural talent could expand into a broader business setting given enough knowledge of the game and the playing field.

On top of this I value honesty and transparency; I do not do well in contexts where politics and posturing get you ahead.

I wrote this message because I’m trying to figure out where people like me are and where I fit in the world. (More specifically, that part of the world that keeps food on the table.) Wanna help me find out? Contact me!