Maggie as a Business Coach

Maggie’s “day job” is as a Business Coach. Her professional presence is at www.maggiekarshner.com

Maggie as a Blues Dancer

Thanks to her younger sister, Maggie took her first dance class in Spring 2002. A beginning swing dance class; she was hooked on her first swing out. When she moved away to college she started participating in the local swing dance scene. Eventually she founded the Swing Dance Club and offered free classes to University students to share her joy in the dance. It was around this time that she had her first experiences in blues dancing. Upon moving to Seattle she discovered a warm and rich blues dance scene which fed her soul. She now dances almost exclusively blues. Read more about Maggie’s blues dance accomplishments on her Dance Portfolio page, or learn how you can take lessons from her on her Dance Instruction page.

Maggie as a Person

Maggie moved to Texas right before starting first grade. By fourth grade, she was ready for adventures beyond the great state of Texas. So when high school graduation came around she found it only natural to attend university in the far distant state of New York. Four years in Syracuse, NY cured her of her fascination with snow and any interest she may have had in small towns. After graduation she set her sights on the larger cities of the West Coast, landing a job in Redmond and moving to Seattle.

Maggie has spent most of her adult life living in intentional living communities. She is still a huge proponent of community building and living in community, however she currently enjoys the luxury of living solo in a studio apartment. In addition to office-work and blues dancing, Maggie also enjoys riding bicycles, gardening, cooking and is learning to play piano.


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