Happy Holidays!

I’m posting from exotic Portland, Oregon, where I’ve been visiting my family. Last week I found a bicycle on craigslist. For those of you who don’t predate this blog: my original bike fell off the bike rack on the back of a car at highway speeds in the middle of the night and could not be recovered. I am SO happy to have a bike again. My dad dedicated his christmas gift to the bike and outfitted it/me with the brightest lights in the store and two sets of Axle Releases (or is it Releasi?) which will allow me quick-release convenience without switching my hubs/wheels.

My holidays have been packed with catching up with people, job applications, updates to this site, and squeezing in a little Plants-vs-Zombies every now and again. It’s now way past the time everyone else has gone to sleep, so I should be joining them in dream-land! nighty-night!


Pad See-Ew

Tonight I made Pad See-Ew for the first time ever AND it was insanely successful! (Thanks to the recipe and tips from SheSimmers.) I bought extra noodles so I can do it again, cause when I’m hooked on a recipe, once is never enough! Once I’m off my Pad See-Ew kick I’m going to read up on SheSimmers’ Pad Thai recipe (more than three posts long!!) and see if I can finally make pad thai at home that tastes like something more than just fish sauce!

My cooking adventures turned into a productivity kick. I finally got a banner made for this site (see, it’s me up there ^ !) and did some serious investigating of business card options. I ordered free samples from moo.com and perused the pre-existing designs at Moo and Vista Print. Neither had designs I was in love with, so I’ll probably design my own and order from Moo since I’m in love with the finish on their mini-cards. (I’m hoping the samples prove my theory that the finish will be equally delectable on a larger format.)

Before the cooking I made it to yoga class, my piano lesson, did a round of ice&heat on my back injury, tidied up the apartment, and volunteered to take the reigns of serious project to create a national-level blues dance event in Seattle. Yup, I get a gold star for this day being a productive day!

My birthday!

Today I co-opted my friend’s bi-weekly craft night and invited a whole bunch of my friends over to craft with me.
I brought pumpkin ice cream which I had made a head of time; it was my first time making a custard for ice cream. (It came out very creamy!) I brought my ice cream machine and fixings and made cookie dough ice cream: home made cookie dough chunks in a country-style vanilla ice cream. They were both quite a hit and there was enough to go around!
Beyond the ice cream making I didn’t really seem to do much crafting. I helped about 4 different friends on cut-up shirt projects; most will be continued on a future craft night. My friend Lucas made me a custom birthday video in less than 2hrs! You’ll have to go to my facebook page for a link to that. I will, however, shamelessly plug Lucas and his awesomeness: he runs a program that teaches kids how to stop-motion animate.
I also went to my piano lesson. I’m still working on At Last, and The Mexican Hat Dance. I hope to soon be moving on to an Adele song and Tarantella.

Hello world!

I think I’ll be using this blog feature on this page to log what I’m doing with my unemployment. Hopefully it’ll help keep my spirits up since I’ll have tangible evidence of my productivity.